May 11, 2022

Statia is OPEN!

ALL COVID related travel restrictions/regulation no longer apply!

No EHAS, no testing, no requirements.

March 11, 2022

Statia continues to slowly relax it's COVID measures, but all visitors must be fully vaccinated (last shot no older than 9 months or have a booster) to visit without quarantine.  All visitors must have an approved EHAS prior to entry to Statia.  EHAS LINK

Click here for the latest updates.  Statia Government Entry Policy March 2022

January 27, 2022

We have had a wonderful time diving with lots of people coming from the USA and Europe.  Traveling is a pain, but it is worth it to get away and come to the warm Caribbean and dive in the beautiful waters of Statia.

Click here for the latest updates.  Statia Government Website for Entry Policies

October 1, 2021

We have been happy to be hosting vaccinated tourist to Statia since August 2, 2021! 

So far, the process to get and stay here has gone smooth thanks to the dedication and understanding of our visiting divers!

The little extra effort and money it takes to get to Statia is well worth it.  Statia continues to be a safe and healthy place to travel during the pandemic

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Click here for updates on Entry Policy to St. Eustatius

Underwater Scuba Diving

June 27, 2021

Beginning August 2, 2021 fully vaccinated tourists at least 2 weeks after their full vaccination will be able to come to Statia without a quarantine period!   See the official statement from the Government of St. Eustatius

Click Here to see the most updated entry policy from the Government of St. Eustatius.

St. Maarten also has entry policies that will need to be addressed even if you are only planning a layover.  Please visit this link for the most updated procedures and policies for St. Maarten.

January 5, 2021

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We can now welcome you to dive on statia! 

though visitors from medium and high risk countries will have limited access to walk around statia and eat at restaurants, divers can enjoy diving with us and go on organized hikes!

See the protocol here

November 15, 2020


with a protocol, we are able to guide divers from visiting sailboats and yachts in our beautiful marine reserve.


see the protocol here


please contact us to arrange specifics