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The Story of Golden Rock Dive Center

We are a team of ( almost ) Young and dynamic divers. passionate about sea life, the environment and our job. We will be more than happy to share our passion with you, and help you discover the amazing underwater world of Statia.

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The Founders


David is one of the happiest people you are likely to meet! Always willing to do whatever he is able to make your trip enjoyable, David is known as the problem solver and fixer-upper around the shop! David is an avid swimmer and loves boating. His favorite dive site in Statia is Hangover with the abundant overhangs under which to find nurse sharks, lion fish, and eels!

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The Founders


She will probably be one of the first people with whom you will come in contact, for she helps people plan their trips to Statia. She loves teaching people to dive, the ocean life, and the biology of our marine environment. You will often see her picking up trash both above and below the water! Her favorite dive site is Double Wreck due to the combination of the archeological remnants and all of the small marine creatures that are found all along the historic old wreck.

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The Team we glad to have

Ciara & Gary 
Intern Rushendly  

Ciara and Gary are both PADI MSDT and PADI Staff Instructors.  They are from Ireland, but have lived, worked, and travelled all over the world.

Ciara loves photography dives, looking for the little ocean creatures, especially shrimp and arrow crabs, and really enjoys watching turtles and stingrays swim past. Outside of diving, Ciara loves to go traveling, and takes her cooking inspiration from countries she has visited, especially spicy curries. 

Gary loves exploration dives, diving side-mount, and teaching wreck specialties. His favorite marine creatures are the Stingrays. When he is not diving he enjoys watching all sports, especially soccer. He also enjoys adventure travel, conquering volcanos and climbing ancient temples.


Rushendly has joined our team as a part-time intern from school.  He loves everything boats!  And he is in the process of getting certified to SCUBA dive and learning all of the in's and out's of the recreational diving business.