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Land Based Activities

The island of Saint Eustatius has an impressive historical past. You can learn more by walking the streets of the old town, visiting Fort Oranje overlooking the bay, and why not take a walk to the history museum!


Saint Eustatius is also a paradise for nature lovers with 3 national parks including a maritime one.

The Quill National Park was declared the first official national park in the Netherlands Antilles on May 4, 1998. Since then, it has been a protected nature reserve comprising the slopes of the volcano, as well as the interior of the crater composed of a dense tropical forest. A path climb to the top of the volcano and into the crater ... one of the most beautiful hiking on the island!

The Boven National Park is also very interesting located in the north of the island and accessible by the beautiful beach of Zeelandia, with much drier vegetation and rugged terrain. You will discover beautiful landscapes of cliffs falling in the Atlantic interspersed by small coves.


These national parks are managed by STENAPA, who has created and interviews many trails for the enjoyment of walkers !!

Last but not least, the marine park is also managed by STENAPA and is certainly the highligt for our divers!

During your explorations, you will certainly have the pleasure of observing one of the endemic species of the island. It is not uncommon to cross the Lesser Antillean iguana, a Kili kili,  thousands of butterflies and much more !!

If you are interested in plants, do not hesitate to visit the Botanical Garden. You will certainly find the rare Morning Glory while enjoying the magnificent view of St Kitt.

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