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The Dive Shop

Golden Rock Dive Center is located on the waterfront with an adjacent pier for convenience. This location is only a 3 or 4 minutes walk from most hotels and restaurants. The dive shop serves as an equipment storage and meeting point for departures into the marine park for truly memorable diving. The shop also doubles as a location to unwind, and discuss and compare the diversity and multitude of marine life you and your fellow divers encountered during your diving explorations. The dive shop “hangout” becomes an integral part of the dive experience and therefore we come back to the shop after every dive. Finally, we have a small selection of t-shirts and souvenirs to help you remember that dive experience, and your time on Statia forever.

Owner operated since 1994 Golden Rock Divers has a small dive shop feel with all the amenities you would expect from a world class dive destination without all the frills. Flexibility is our motto, and adjusting to our customers needs and desires is how we can best ensure their satisfaction. Your safety and enjoyment are at the core of our operation and helping our guests to experience all Statia has to offer is our goal!

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With the type of service we provide, our repeat customers and referrals is how we stay consistent, and while not everyone will return to Statia they are all treated as if they will. Being a small destination is challenging and by going the extra mile for our guests is how we meet that challenge.

David and Sarah Hellevang, Owners/operators

Both are PADI Dive Instructors and moved to Statia to “live the dream.” After visiting Statia, they both fell in love with the amazing people, the laid back atmosphere, and phenomenal diving. So along with their dog, Kleo, they decided to make that life change they always dreamed of and move to Statia! David and Sarah both have a love of diving and people.  They ensure a team approach together with the Golden Rock Team and look forward to showing you all of the wonders the underwater world of Statia has to offer!

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Nitrox facility


We offer regular air or nitrox tanks if you have the certification. Our instructors also offer the PADI Enriched Air specialty course to further enjoy Statia's dives.

We also have tanks of 1.5L, 1.2L and 8L available on request.

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