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Our Top Favorite Dive Sites

Barracuda Reef

Dive Level: Beginner

Depth: 19 M/63ft

Boat Ride: 10 minutes

Coral Encrusted Lava Flow

Gorgeous reef in the pristine Marine Reserve, this small wall reef is teaming with huge schools of reef fish, barracuda and nurse sharks from where the sites get their names.  Hidden in the crevices of the wall are lobsters, drum fish and the occasional massive green moray eel!


Double Wreck

Archeological Site

Dive Level: Beginner

Depth: 18M/60ft

Boat ride: 2 minutes

Experience Level: Beginner

Perfect for getting warmed up again in the water, but also for the macro lovers and photographers

With old anchors from merchant ships that sunk in the late 1700's, this site's reef developed on the ballast stones from these ships.  Surrounded by sand dotted with massive sting rays and teaming with reef fish, macro life galore, and grazing sea turtles


Modern Wreck

Experience Level: Beginner

Max Depth: 20M/66ft

Boat Ride: 5 minutes

STENAPA Reef is located in the Marine Park created by the National Park as an artificial reef for fishermen with multiple structures bringing marine life of all kinds.  Large schools of reef fish, angel fish, garden eels as far as the eye can see, large carribean sting rays, and the frequent special sighting of pipe fish!

Copy of French Angels.jpg
Diver at Chien Tong Final.jpg

The Chien Tong

Max Depth: 27M/90ft, Top of Wreck 15M/30ft

Boat Ride: 5 minutes

Experienced Level: Advanced cert recommended due to depth

The Chien Tong was a Taiwanese fishing vessel that was decommissioned after damage to her bow.  Statia purchased her and sunk her for a dive site in the protection of the bay.  She is 30M/100ft in length.  A wonderful wreck site for beginners but has penetration opportunities for Wreck Certified Divers!  The night dive on this site is a must!

The Charles L. Brown

Depth: 30M/100ft

Boat Ride: 10-12 minutes

Experience Level: Advanced/Experienced

Named the "Premier Wreck dive in the Caribbean by Sport Dive Magazine, this dive site is the "biggest" reason to come dive in Statia.  The "Charlie Brown" is a decommissioned AT&T line boat that laid the first TransAtlantic cable.  She was purchased by Statia and sunk for a dive site.

She is 100M/300ft in length with a 30M/100ft swim through with sharks, cubera snapper and the resident barracuda "Charlie" as a common sightings.

Charlie BRown Swim Through Final.jpg

Hangover Reef

Coral Encrusted Lava Flow

Depth: 10-15M/ 30-45ft

Boat Ride 7-10 minutes

Experience Level: Beginner

Located in the pristine Marine Reserve, this is a magnificent site.  Meander through the maze of lava flows with small and large over-hangs that give this site it's name.  This site is spectacular for all diver interests with sharks, turtles, rays, and queen conch as well as macro sightings galore.  Common to this site are multitudes of spiny lobster cleaning their bright orange eggs.

Drop Off East

Wall Dive

Max Depth: 30+M/100+ft

Boat Ride: 20 minutes

Experience Level: Advanced

This magnificent wall dive is located in the far souther marine reserve.  The shallowest point is 20M/66ft so advanced Open water certification is needed.  The top reef is abundant with large groupers of various kinds including the elusive Nassau Grouper making its comeback to Statia.  Off the edge of the reef drops the wall into the deep blue ocean where reef and black tip sharks frequently patrol

Wall Dive Cliffs.jpg
Red Tipped Sea Goddess.jpg


Isolated Rock Outcropping

Max Depth: 14M/46ft

Boat Ride: 20 minutes

Experience Level: Beginner

Aquarium is one of our special sites located in the northern marine park.  When sea conditions allow, this sight is a crowd favorite.  Teaming with small reef fish around the tip of the main rock, a diver can lay back and feel as though they are inside of a large fish aquarium!  Shy green and hawksbill turtles call this quiet site home and there are often several swimming around, grazing, or napping and fish of all kinds hide in the many crevices around the site.  Special to this site is the red tipped sea goddess for those with a keen eye for macro.

Nursing Station

Coral Encrusted Lava Flow

Max Depth: 19M/63ft

Boat Ride: 10 minutes

Experience Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Another magnificent reef dive in the southern marine marine reserve, Nursing Station has several old anchors from the 18th and 19th centuries around the site.  With several deep overhangs, nurse sharks are common to see napping under them.  In the sandy patch, divers commonly find a plethora of lettuce sea slugs of various colors! 

Lettuce Sea Slugs.jpg

Watch it and enjoy the beauty of


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