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Valet Diving in Pristine Nature

Marine Reserve

Statia established the Marine Park and Marine Reserve in 1997 protecting its precious marine life from overfishing, anchoring, and relic picking

All divers in Statia must be supervised by one of the dive centers.

Statia does not have any mass tourism or cruise ships, so the reef stays relatively untouched and archeological relics in place for all to enjoy.

Statia's Only PADI Dive Center

At Golden Rock Dive Center (GRDC), we pride ourselves on being the "Small, Friendly, and Flexible" dive shop. 


We specialize in providing valet dive services to small groups of divers offering quality service without the ego. 


Our customers experience an authentic island get-away without mass tourism.  We offer a relaxed atmosphere where our divers get to dive the way they want, and students have the quality time with their instructors. 


Our customers leave feeling like family, not just another diver on an over-crowded boat.

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Statia Turtle.jpeg

Seven Distinct Dive Ecosystems

Statia boasts one of the most diverse diving experiences in the Caribbean with 7 distinct eco-systems all with different structures and marine life. 

This diversity of structure creates habitats that attract all different types of sea life to the island. You will discover all of them with the 36 official dive sites in the Marine Reserve.


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