We are a PADI dive center specialising in private groups of divers. We will care to the need of each diver while diving in a fun and laid-back atmosphere

All our dives are accompanied by an experienced dive instructor. We have instructors that speak French, English, and Spanish. They will share their passion for the underwater world and help you discover the beauties of our unspoiled Marine Reserve and the fascinating species that have taken up residence there.

We have all the necessary safety equipment on boat and on land and regularly review our equipment.  We also guarantee you a good quality of air or nitrox.

We can offer up to 4 boat trips per day (depending on weather conditions) as well as at night or sometimes drifting, each one being spaced by a surface interval happening at the dive center. We offer single dives and packages at decreasing rates that may include your accommodation.

Dives are made in the Marine Reserve, so each diver must have a $6 tax per dive or a year's pass worth $30. This contribution donated to the STENAPA organization is used for installing and maintaining the dive mooring for the divers. Here we do not anchor!! Corals are preserved and dive sites can only accommodate one boat at a time. You will only meet your own group or large groups of reef fish!!

Everything is possible, discover our amazing sites

Statia boasts one of the most diverse diving experiences in the Caribbean with 7 distinct eco-systems all with different structures and marine life. This diversity of structure creates habitats that attract all different types of sea life to the island. You will discover all of them with the 36 official dive sites in the Marine Reserve. If this species lives in the Caribbean, it’s probably found here.

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