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Work with Us!

We are Currently Hiring!

Are you looking for long-term (minimum 1 year contract) stable employment working for a dive shop year round?  Are you ready to settle into a small, quiet Caribbean island life surrounded by nature and friendly people?  Are you ready to put your advanced PADI teaching/guiding skills to work in a laid-back dive center where safety and quality are held above quantity?


Our Vision: 
Small, Friendly, Flexible

At Golden Rock Dive Center we strive to provide our customers with boutique diving experiences, where divers leave feeling like family, not just another diver on a boat. 

We place safety as our highest priority, but remain flexible to allow divers to dive the way they want.  We offer high-quality recreational diving without the ego or all of the bells and whistles.


Our Team

We are a small team of dynamic divers that can each step into teaching, guiding, maintenance/repairs, customer service, shop duties, and community projects.  No one has just one job and we compliment each other in a team-approach, respectful, and supportive environment.

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